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Ergo/IBV 20 years


Ergo/IBV is an evaluation and design recommendations software, related to workplace to ergonomic and psychosocial risks at the workplace conceived around four ideas that make it unique:

  1. To include in one single application the most important ergonomic risk assessment methods in the market.
  2. To help users identify the method they should use with an assistant to select the risk assessment method.
  3. To offer tools to assist in the design and redesign of workstations. Among other tools, it offers a module for the anthropometric design of the workplace, an interactive tool to identify the priority variables to be modified in a load handling task, and even a database of solutions that the IBV has applied in different sectors to reduce the risks associated with workstations.
  4. To complement the other products and services offered by the IBV in order to give a comprehensive response to improve the working conditions.

NEW: lastest version incorporates the Ergo+50 module, applicable to work environments where there are workers aged 50 or over. It provides a report including recommendations to help control the risks detected in the workstations. Such report is obtained through a questionnaire for assessing the working conditions, which must be filled out by the company.

In addition, the module offers information on the relationship between the working conditions and the workers’ assessments of their ability to meet the job requirements. This questionnaire can be completed by each older worker in the company optionally and anonymously.

From version 15, you can get the most out of the software with ErgoIBV/Tool, the free application that facilitates field data collection from any mobile device without the need for an internet connection.


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  • One single application responds to the different challenges posed by ergonomic risks, with reference assessment modules for ergonomists.
  • Through a quick check list, it allows to inicially identify critical workplaces.
  • Help to design and redesign solutions for the workstation.
  • It includes an anthropometric design module.
  • It has an assistant to select the most appropriate risk assessment module.
  • Detailed and easy-to-interpret reports can be printed, which are also customizable with images and company information.
  • If necessary, you can configure the calculation under ISO standards criteria.
  • Ability to carry out quicker and effective field studies through the ErgoIBV/Tool application, which facilitates field data collection.
  • It makes it easier for workers to complete the psychosocial risk questionnaires anonymously from their own computer so that the prevention expert only has to prepare the report.
  • You can work on the videos recorded at the company.
  • The network installation allows it to be used on different computers.
  • Assessment modules can be added for more complex analyses.
  • You can ask the IBV experts by subscribing to the Support Services.
  • The Occupational Health Community includes documents, examples, FAQs, and news which can be accessed from Ergo/IBV.
  • Every year, a new version with new features that improve the software is launched.

Basic Features

  • Ergocheck allows to initially identify, in a qualitative and simple way, the ergonomic and psychosocial risk factors of a company, workplace or task.
  • Single MMH and Multiple MMH analyse tasks that involve lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling loads, as well as certain combinations of these actions; they calculate a risk index for the back and offer recommendations for an interactive redesign of the task.
  • Injured MMH analyse manual load lifting tasks performed by injured workers including criteria and recommendations to minimise the  risk  of  recurrent lumbar disorders when returning to work after an injury.
  • Repetitive Tasks analyses tasks that imply repetitive movements of the upper limbs. The level of risk to the neck-shoulder and hand-wrist area is calculated from the exposure time, the repetitiveness of the movements of arms and hands, and the posture encoding.
  • Postures [OWAS], analyses tasks that involve awkward postures of the back, arms and legs.
  • Postures [REBA] analyses tasks implying awkward postures of the trunk, neck, and upper and lower limbs based on the REBA method for postural analysis.
  • ISO standard to perform assessments under the technical criteria set out in ISO standards ISO 11228, ISO 9421, ISO 8995 and ISO 7730 series.
  • UNE 1005-3 [FORCES] to assess pushing /pulling objects without the help of wheels, guides or rollers, as well as tasks requiring forces associated with the use of controls or pedals.
  • Office, applies to office tasks where the worker spends more than 2 hours of effective work with display screens. Risk factors related to the computer, chair table accessories, environment and work organization are analysed.
  • ErgoMater, detects risk  factors  for  pregnant  workers  in  relation  to the physical demands of the task.
  • Psychosocial [CoPsoQ-istas21] to assess exposure to psychosocial risk factors at work.
  • Anthropometric design of the Workstation, provides dimensional recommendations for workstations, both general and adapted to the anthropometric measurements of a worker.
  • Ergo+50: focused on identifying and assessing working conditions (especially ergonomic, but also organizational and management aspects) in work environments where there are workers aged 50 or over.

Optional Modules

  • OCRA Multitask. Tasks implying repetitive movements of the upper limbs are analysed with this module applying the OCRA index.

 Ergo/IBV Tool, new app

Ergo/IBV Tool is the Ergo/IBV desktop software tool for field data collection from any mobile device.

In combination with the latest version of Ergo/IBV, this app is the mobility solution that facilitates and speeds up field work in the assessment of ergonomic risks. Maximum performance for Ergo/IBV, which saves time and increases efficiency.

  • It captures data and multimedia files from any Android mobile device without the need to connect to the network
  • It stores data in an ordered manner for further management and processing
  • It imports files automatically to Ergo/IBV  and transfers them to the corresponding evaluation method/module
  • Easy and intuitive use.


Available for free in Google Play.

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